Welcome to Isfeld!

The school office will be open until July 22nd from 9:00-3:00 and will reopen August 20th.

There are still lots of report cards and pre-paid yearbooks to be picked up in the office.  As well, there are many library books and textbooks still outstanding.  Students will need these from September, so please return them.

summer break


1.  A few things were left over from Grad.  We have strings of white lights here in the office, as well as a memory card from a a camera was found at the Filberg Lodge.

2.  Provincial exam results will be released July 30th.  Results can be viewed at www.bced.gov.bc.ca/exams/tsw/student for the link to the ministry website.

3.  Ministry of Education transcripts will be issued and mailed around July 30th.  Keep your copy (do not send it anywhere).  We keep a copy here at the school and will issue (at no charge) official sealed copies to post-secondary institutions.  Call the school and we will do this for you.
If you completed, earlier this year, the online “Post Secondary Institution Selection Form” on the ministry website, the ministry will automatically send a copy of your transcript to the universities and colleges you selected.  This will be done at the end of July.

4.  Students are allowed to re-write provincial exams once within the 12 month period following their first try at the exam.  August provincial exams may be re-written at Navigate (NIDES) at the old Tsolum school.  Call ahead to let them know you are re-writing (250 337-5300) or contact them via their website http://www.navigatenides.com/contact/index
You will need to provide photo ID.

5.  During the last week of August, Grad packages will be ready for pick up.  These will include Dogwood Certificates, Passport to Education booklets (if applicable) and Grad Ceremony group and individual photos.



The Term 4 Honour Roll is posted.  To view, click on the Honour Roll link on the right hand side.


On January 1, 2015, BC Transit is modifying a number of their routes and it will affect transit to and from Mark R. Isfeld Secondary School.  They have created a brochure to help students find the best route to and from school.  There is a schedule posted on the school bulletin board beside the bus schedule.  Click here for modified routes.

Lunch Menu – June 15-June 19, 2015 Daily Announcements
Monday – Pizza – $3.50
Tuesday – N/A
Wednesday – NA
Thursday – N/A
Friday – N/A


schoolsignWatch for upcoming events to be posted in cryptic, space-saving acronyms on our school sign.  We have pledged not to have our sign flash, scroll or perform other animations which could distract drivers. 

Click here for current information on Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).

Click here for current information on Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).









Did you know that you can view/print a month at a time?  Just click on Isfeld School Calendar on the right hand side under Menu.

-Provincial Exam Schedule & Exam Results – click here
-Isfeld has been accepted into the BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program.  For more information please go to http://www.aitc.ca/bc/ or pick up a brochure at the main office.
-Grad Planner for grade 10’s  http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/graduation/docs/grad_planner.pdf
-Mark Isfeld Student Photography – click here
-For new athletics pictures click here

Mark R. Isfeld Secondary School is an inclusive school with almost 1,000 students from Mark R. Isfeld grades 8 through 12. We are a dual track school with English and French Immersion programs. We have an International program which allows us to host students from many countries, a vital and active Fine Arts program, a successful Athletics program with more than 30 competitive teams and a full Applied Skills program.

Mark R. Isfeld Secondary School is an innovative learning community founded on respect and supporting student excellence through academics, citizenship, the arts  and athletics.

Mark R. Isfeld Secondary was named to honour the life of a Canadian Forces peacekeeper who served in Croatia.